What do the prices on your website include?

The price shown for each model on our website applies to the cabin itself. All available options can be additionally ordered for an extra charge. Please note also that transport and preparation works for the site (if applicable) have to be priced separately and are therefore not included in the price.

Who do I buy my cabin in the end from?

You will buy your cabin directly from the manufacturer. Your sales contract will be only with him.

How easy is it to install cabins?

All cabin models presented on our platform are very easy to set up. Some of them are delivered in kit and can be easily assembled on site just using a few screws. The other models are delivered directly assembled by the manufacturer.

How long do cabins last?

With careful use and good maintenance, well over twenty years. Still there is no general answer to this question: it also depends on the model and its materials.

Which warranty do I get after buying the cabin model?

Each of our producers provide you with a standard warranty. What this guarantee exactly covers depends on the cabin model itself.

Does your mediation service cost me anything as a cabin buyer?

We present our cabin models and connect you with our manufacturers free of charge. We receive a commission directly from the manufacturer when you sign a sales contract with him, so you don’t have any additional costs.

Frequently asked questions